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30 Years of Transradial Access:

Pushing the boundaries in cardiology & beyond

26 septembre 2022 - 17h00 - 19h00

Pushing the boundaries in cardiology & beyond


  Words of the Chairman
Dr. Fajadet
  Rise of transradial access around the world
Transradial pioneers’ discussion with Prof. Nolan, Dr. Bertrand, Dr. Gilchrist & Dr. Saito
Moderated by Dr. Fajadet
  Latest evolution & future direction of transradial access

  • Beyond simple PCI case: transradial access for the most complex PCI by Dr. Iglesias
  • Beyond cardiology: transradial access & carotid stenting by Prof. Montorsi
  • Beyond cardiology: transradial access & visceral intervention by Prof. Guimaraes
  • Beyond transradial: discover distal transradial access by Dr. Aminian
  Live panel discussion with questions from the audience
Pr. Montorsi, Pr. Nolan, Dr. Aminian, Dr. Iglesias & Dr. Fajadet
  Take home messages



Join the celebration of transradial access if you want to:

  • Learn from pioneers’ experience on how to become transradial access experts
  • Expand your transradial practice, from the most complex PCI to neurology & radiology interventions
  • Ask your unanswered questions to experts during the live panel discussion


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