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An experience-based approach to Structural Heart Interventions in the COVID-19 era

22 avril 2020 - 17h30 - 19h30

Healthcare systems are facing a huge rise in demand for emergency room visits, ward admissions and ICU entries. Despite medical departments reforms and clinical appointments rescheduling, critical status patients with life-threatening severe aortic stenosis and other conditions are being postponed.
This situation poses unique challenges to the care of non-COVID patients and interventional community is worried. A concerted strategy to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 in structural heart disease (SHD) must be in place.

We face short- and long-term unpredictable consequences, so we must plan ahead the way we are dealing with this challenge and how are we going to resume interventional cardiology procedures, specially TAVI.


Regional situation of the cardiovascular impact of COVID-19 pandemic in Europe: overview
Panel roundtable
At the crossroads of COVID-19 and interventional cardiology
Ignacio Cruz Gonzalez
Q&A Session
Management and monitoring of Mitral regurgitation and other SHD patients: distinctions of patients at risk and practical recommendations
Giuseppe Tarantini
Q&A Session
Management and monitoring of Aortic Stenosis patients: distinctions of patients at risk and practical recommendations
Nicolas Van Mieghem
Q&A Session


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