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Care in the time of Corona: applying contemporary clinical trials in daily practice

26 mai 2020 - 18h00 - 19h00


Current challenges in delivering optimal coronary care in current environment
Elvin Kedhi
Q&A Session
18:05 How do recent cornerstone trials influence on revascularization strategy? …and beyond.

Pierfrancesco Agostoni
Q&A Session
Partial versus complete revascularization
  • The interventionalist perspective: should we change our focus on symptom relief?
    Niels Van Royen
  • The surgical perspective: how to deal with the duration of hospitalization post CABG and burden of the intensive care unit?
    Thomas Modine
Q&A Session
18:50 Minimally invasive approach with combined imaging modalities during PCI
Elvin Kedhi
Q&A Session


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