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Complete Revascularization in CHIP

1 juin 2021 - 15h00 - 17h30

Learning objectives

  • Importance of hemodynamic support in performing optimal revascularization in high risk patients
  • Provide valuable practical tips & tricks on the practice of hemodynamic support in complete revascularization in CHIP procedure
  • Proper patient selection with hemodynamic support as key success factor to improve PCI performance and long-term outcomes
  • Learning through expert discussion and practical live case illustration


3:00pm – Introduction and outline

Kambis Mashakeyhi | Javier Escaned

3:05pm – Procedural risk : a major contributor to inequalities in percutaneous myocardial revascularisation

Alaide Chieffo

3:20pm – Live case from erasmus MC, Rotterdam

Nicolas Van Mieghem | Joost Daemen

3:50pm – High risk clusters : identifying patients who may benefit from protected PCI

Flormi Cuculi

4:05pm – Procedural planning using protected PCI

Carlo Di Mario

4:20pm – Live case from erasmus MC, Rotterdam

Nicolas Van Mieghem | Joost Daemen

4:40pm – Managing vascular access and closure in protected PCI

Jonathan Hill

4:55pm – Live in a box case

Bad Krozingen or Madrid

5:20pm – Final discussion

Kambis Mashayekhi | Javier Escaned


Chair: Kambis Mashayekhi and Javier Escaned

Speackers: Alaide Chieffo, Carlo Di Mario, Jonathan Hill and Flormi Cuculi

Operators: Nicolas Van Mieghem and Joost Daemen

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