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CLI across the globe – Second Edition

A Critical Multidisciplinary Discussion

10 mars 2021 - 17h00 - 18h30

A Critical Multidisciplinary Discussion

The webinar includes an array of clinical cases as well as discussions on the importance of a multidisciplinary approach in the care of a CLI patient.

In the first CLI across the globe webinar, Dr Deloose introduced the guidelines in the treatment of CLI, which were debated by European and US physicians. In this edition again CLI is in the spotlight, but focus is given on the importance on the multidisciplinary approach of patients with CLI.

The view of the European and US specialists is highlighted through case discussion presented by Dr Palena, Dr Mustapha and Dr Lessne and moderated by Dr Deloose.


Hours indicated are CET.

Dr. K. Deloose
  Case 1: Guide Wire Escalation for Extreme BTK-BTA Revascularization. How and when to Become Aggressive?
Dr. L. Palena
  Case 2: Advanced Tibial-Pedal Access for Success CTO Crossing and Treatment
Dr. J. Mustapha
Case 3: Unzipping the Full Metal Jacket: Revascularization for Limb Salvage aer Failed Endovascular and Surgical Bypass
Dr. M. Lessne
Dr. Deloose
  End of webinar  



Educational Objectives:

  • Discuss challenges and techniques for extreme revascularization in CLI patients
  • Elaborate on techniques and devices used to cross and treat CTO
  • Discover the importance of a multidisciplinary team work


  • The webinar is dedicated to all physicians performing peripheral interventions.
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