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DAPT meets its MASTER webinar

Part 1 : The unknown HBR patient

29 novembre - 18h00 - 19h00

Part 1 : The unknown HBR patient


18h00 Introduction & Patient case
  Managing different HBR scenarios
  Conclusion & take home message



Educational Objectives:

  • Mastering the latest data on HBR and DAPT duration
  • Learn on the potential impact on clinical practice under the lights of MASTER DAPT
  • Put it into practice with HBR patient case

MASTER DAPT study is sponsored by the European Cardiovascular Research Institute (ECRI, Rotterdam, The Netherlands) and supported with a restricted research grant by Terumo Europe.

Ultimaster™ Tansei™ and Ultimaster™ DES are not available for sales in all countries. Please contact your Terumo local sales representatives for more information.

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