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DAPT meets its MASTER webinar

Part 2: When DAPT meets OAC - what to do?

30 mars 2022 - 18h00 - 19h00

Part 2: When DAPT meets OAC – what to do?

This program has been built in 2 episodes:

Part 1: The unknown HBR patient
Part 2: When DAPT meets OAC – what to do?


  Expert discussion on treatment option of HBR patients with an OAC indication
  Different Clinical scenarios
  Conclusion & take home message



Extending the MASTER DAPT* discussion to OAC patients:

  1. Understand pre & peri-procedural considerations for an OAC patient attending the cathlab
  2. Discuss optimal dosing & duration of triple therapy
  3. Consider long term role of antiplatelet therapy in OAC patient post-PCI

* MASTER DAPT included patients at high bleeding risk who had undergoneimplantation of Ultimaster™ family stent; results may not extend to patients who arenot at high bleeding risk or who receive other stent types. MASTER DAPT study issponsored by the European Cardiovascular Research Institute (ECRI, Rotterdam, TheNetherlands) and supported with a restricted research grant by Terumo Europe.Ultimaster™ Tansei™ and Ultimaster™ DES are not available for sales in all countries.Please contact your Terumo local sales representatives for more information.

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