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Designed for challenging cases – the role of ultrathin DES

Live from UZ Leuven, Belgium

11 avril 2019 ♦ 12h30 - 14h00

Live from UZ Leuven, Belgium

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Complex PCI procedures are part of the daily challenges interventional cardiologists face in their clinical practice.
This live session is dedicated to complex cases where experts will share insights on techniques and strategies for optimal clinical results and will discuss their choice of DES in the treatment of contemporary Coronary Artery Disease.


Introduction & presentation
panel discussion
panel discussion
panel discussion
Conclusion & take home message


Educational objectives

  • Learn how to manage contemporary challenging cases
  • Compare techniques and strategies from different experts
  • Discuss the choice of modern DES in day-to-day practice


  • This web symposium is dedicated to interventional cardiologists interested and/or specialized in coronary angioplasty
  • A prerequisite for attendees is an initial knowledge and practice of angioplasty
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