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Distal & Conventional: what will be the future of radial access?

21 juin 2022 - 18h00 - 19h00


18:00 Introduction
Dr. Adel Aminian
18:05 DISCO RADIAL: rationale & design of the trial
Dr. Shigeru Saito
18:15 DISCO RADIAL: is distal superior to conventional radial access?
Dr. Adel Aminian
18:25 Safety and importance of DRA in everyday practice
Panelists: Dr. Ivo Bernat Dr. Gabriele Gasparini, Dr. Gregory Sgueglia
Moderator: Dr. Adel Aminian
18:55 Take home messages
Dr. Adel Aminian



  • Support distal radial access as a valid alternative to conventional radial access
  • Discuss transradial access as the gold standard with the implementation of a rigorous hemostasis protocol
  • Share best practices to achieve a successful radial program, both conventional & distal
  • Understand the remaining challenges & future opportunities of radial access
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