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Focus on Optimal Neuromuscular Blockade Management

26 novembre - 10h00 - 13h15


Chairmen:  Prof. Marc Van de Velde

Post-Operative Pulmonary Complications in patients at risk
Dr. Guy Cammu, OLV Aalst
Implementation of the new European NMB guidelines
Prof. Philippe Dubois, Cliniques Universitaires UCL Mont Godinne
11:00 NMB Agents: time for consensus between guidelines, good clinical practice and clinical experience feedback?
Prof. Philippe Pendeville, Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc UCL Bruxelles
Fast track abdominal surgery in day care setting
Prof. Bjorn Stessel, Virga Jesse Hasselt
11:50 How to avoid your patient moving during surgery? Are NMB the only answer?
Prof. Jan Mulier, AZ Brugge
12:20 Questions and Answers session
13:10 Conclusion


NMB: NeuroMuscular Blockade

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Submitted for accreditation in Belgium
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