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Good Puncture Leads to a Good Closure – II

Optimizing Your Access Through Image Guidance

23 février 2021 - 18h00 - 18h45

Optimizing Your Access Through Image Guidance

A. Animation with Hands on Model

  • Conventional and distal radial access
  • Venous brachial access
  • Femoral arterial access
  • Femoral venous access

B. Live in the Box Cases: Learn the Image Guidance

C. Tips & Tricks to Never Fail

Course I – Replay


Educational Objectives:

  • To leverage expertise in both transradial and transfemoral puncture & closure
  • To master how to interprete ultrasound images to avoid access complications
  • To practice on radial & femoral access model using US guidance


This webinar is dedicated to interventionalists interested to refine their approach to explore good access closure, regardless of radial and femoral access site.

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