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Heal Conclave – Left Main Bifurcation PCI

Strategies to Best Practices

18 septembre 2021 - 15h00 - 17h35

Strategies to Best Practices

Educational series in collaboration with Boston Scientific having 3 hours of didactic content in the form of Live Cases, Presentations, case-in-box sessions with faculties joining from India, South Asia, Europe and UK.

Chairperson : Dr. Kirti Punamiya, Dr. Prathap Kumar
International Faculty : Dr Emile Mehanna, Dr. (Prof.) James Spratt, Dr. (Prof.)Javier Escaned

Expert Panel : Dr. David Rozario, Dr. D K Baruah, Dr. Prakashvir Parikh, Dr. Rajeev Agarwal

IST Time CET Time
6:30 PM 3:00 PM
6:35 PM 3:05 PM
Role of IVUS in optimising Left Main Bifurcation PCI
Dr. S Vijayakumar (India)
6:50 PM 3:20 PM
Live Case
Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune, India
Dr. Shirish (M.S.) Hiremath (India)
7:30 PM 4:00 PM
Complex LM bifurcation
Dr. Shuvanan Ray (India)
8:10 PM 4:40 PM
DES Selection Strategy in Left Main Bifurcation PCI
Dr. (Prof.) James Spratt (UK)
8:35 PM 5:05 PM
Key aspects of stenting in Left Main PCI
Dr. (Prof.) Javier Escaned (Spain)
8:50 PM 5:20 PM
You are moving forward. Is your stent Technology?
Dr. Emile Mehanna (France)
9:05 PM 5:35 PM

Program Objectives

  • Bifurcation PCI – Global Best Practices
  • Role of IVUS in optimising Left Main Bifurcation PCI
  • Handling Calcification in Bifurcation PCI
IST (GMT+5.30)



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