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Interactive Senology – day 7

9th Breast Health Days in the Mediterranean

25 février ♦ 19h00 - 20h00

9th Breast Health Days in the Mediterranean


    The entourage in the face of illness
    Emilie Marsollat, Séverine Alran (France)
    Presentation of the short film « Cancer sans déc’ « , a comedy about breast cancer, was filmed in Pantin-France. Emilie Marsollat's short film « Cancer sans déc’ « evokes, with humor, the reactions of loved ones when faced with the announcement of the disease. Multicultural debate in the presence of its director, caregivers, patients and careers
    Emilie Marsollat (France)

    19:40 Breast Cancer: Let's Free the Word
    Valérie Lagny (France)
    20:00 End of webinar


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