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LAA Closure in the post-COVID era: A case-based discussion on streamlining the procedure and patient pathway

22 juin 2020 - 17h00 - 18h30

Join this live webinar to Re-enforce the importance to treat LAA closure patients and overcome barriers during a pandemic and optimizing an elective procedure with the new LAA closure device WATCHMAN FLX


Moderators: Prof. Lucas Boersma, Dr Livia Luciana Gheorghe
Elective procedures during COVID
  • Lessons learned on elective cardiac procedures during a pandemic – Dr. John Foran
  • Panel discussion

Streamlining the LAA closure procedure

  •  Reducing the need for General Anaesthesia for LAA closures – Prof. Martin Bergmann
  •  Lean LAAC with ICE and how to modify your pre-procedural work-up with CT – Dr. Sergio Berti
  •  Lean LAAC with Mini/Micro TEE – Dr. Xavier Iriart
  •  Simplifying post-procedural follow-up – Prof. Jens Erik Nielsen-Kudsk
Group discussion


Educational objectives

  • Share experience about the management of elective procedures during the pandemic to offer treatment for patients at high risk for stroke
  • Learn how new imaging modalities (ICE, mini-micro TEE, CT) and workstreams could reduce the need for General Anesthesia, streamlining the LAAC procedure and the patient follow-up
  • Learn about the  latest LAAC clinical data and the proven safety profile of WATCHMAN FLX
  • Understand how the new implantation technique of WATCHMAN FLX can optimize procedural results


This webinar is focused on Interventional Cardiologists, Electrophysiologists who implant LAA devices or have an interest in learning more about how to streamline and simplify the LAAC procedure with the new WATCHMAN FLX as well as non-invasive Cardiologists with an interest in referring their patients for LAA closure to reduce the risk of stroke.

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