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Large bore management in contemporary TAVI

Evolving Data and Practice

21 avril 2021 - 17h00 - 18h00

Evolving Data and Practice

The management of large bore accesses is increasingly a focus for the success of procedures such as TAVI. The aim of this course is to present and discuss the most recent clinical evidence examining vascular outcomes following large bore procedures, and to share state-of-the-art practice in the context of these data. The faculty for this session have been instrumental in highlighting the role of closure excellence as a determinant of overall TAVI outcomes. Weaving together scientific, clinical and technical threads, the session offers attendees valuable insights and guidance toward optimum access management in their own TAVI programs.


Dr. Chris Buller
Real World Experience And Evidence of Prospective Studies For Large Bore Vascular Closure
Prof Nicholas Van Mieghem
Why does planning matter to the success of large bore procedurals?
Dr. Stefan Toggweiler
Closing remark
Dr. Chris Buller


Educational Objectives

  • Analysis of research outcomes from SAFE MANTA IDE study, Mash Study and Marvel Study – NVM
  • Share clinical experiences with the large bore closure Device at Heart Center, Lucerne, Switzerland – ST


  • TAVI operator
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