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Luzern Complex and Calcified PCI Workshop


23 septembre 2022 - 8h30 - 16h10


Dear Colleagues,

Treatment of complex coronary disease involves different diagnostic and therapeutic tools and it can be quite challenging to decide what the best treatment for that particular patient is.

At miniLUCCA we invite you to participate in these discussions. If you cannot be with us during this incredible day, we offer you the possibility to join us online!
We want this course to be interactive and thought provoking and I encourage you to be part of the lively discussions.

Best regards,
Prof. Dr. med. Florim Cuculi


Moderation: Florim Cuculi

Morning Session

Florim Cuculi
Introduction to LIVE Case #1
Mehdi Madanchi
08h50 LIVE Case #1 – Protected PCI
Matthias Bossard & Gregor Leibundgut
09h00 Discussion
09h10 Protected PCI: Impella or no Impella
Juan Iglesias
09h20 Discussion
09h30 Impella in cardiogenic shock
Florim Cuculi
09h40 Discussion and Wrap up LIVE Case #1

Coffee Break

Introduction to LIVE Case #2
Mehdi Madanchi
10h30 Calcium modification
Carlo Di Mario
10h40 LIVE Case #2 – Heavily calcified lesion
Adrian Attinger & Juan Iglesias
10h50 Discussion
11h00 Interactive Calcium Forum
Miroslaw Ferenc & Florim Cuculi & Juan Iglesias & Diego Arroyo
11h30 Discussion and Wrap up LIVE Case #2
11h40 DCBs Future directions
Raban Jeger
11h50 Discussion
12h00 – 13h30 Lunch Time

Moderation: Gregor Leibundgut

Afternoon Session
LIVE Case #3 – DCB in a complex lesion
Florim Cuculi & Raban Jeger
Introduction to LIVE Case #3
Mehdi Madanchi
13h50 Discussion
Complications and other nightmares session


My best and worst DCB case
Adrian Attinger
14h15 Coronary complication Case
Diego Arroyo
14h30 Discussion

Coffee Break

15h20 «Air Jordan & No ROSC»:
Mehdi Madanchi
15h20 «Gladius in a STEMI: Don’t do it»:
Matthias Bossard
15h30 Discussion
15h40 Coronary complication during TAVR
Nathalie Noirclerc
15h50 Discussion
16h00 Wrap up LIVE Case #3
16h10 Closing words
Florim Cuculi


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