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Managing EVAR and Peripheral Intervention patient treatment during and after COVID-19 Pandemic

European and Chinese Experience

6 juin 2020 - 10h00 - 11h30

European and Chinese Experience

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Join this call to interact with Chinese and European experts and get to know more about COVID-19 impact on AAA and peripheral procedures!

Program – 10am – 11:30am (CET)

Moderator: Dr. Shijie Xin

  • What did we do when faced with COVID-19?– the experience from a vascular center in Wuhan  – Dr. Hongping Deng
    Comments from European Expert


  • Endovascular intervention during COVID-19 Status in Europe -  Dr. Francisco Gomez Palones
    Comments from Chinese Expert


  • Practical recommendation for AAA and peripheral patient treatment during COVID-19 – Dr. Pengfei Pang
    Comments from European Expert


  • “Has COVID-19 affected AAA treatment? Which patient to treat— Regional HUB experience from Europe” - Prof. Giovanni Pratesi
    Comments from Chinese Expert


  • Back to normal ‘’living with COVID-19 together/ What after the pandemic and potential second peak – Dr. Shijie Xin and Dr. Jian Zhang
    Comments from European Expert


  • Group discussion

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