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21 avril 2022 - 22 avril 2022

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Objective : 

Following the success of our Courses in 2017, 2018, and 2020, the objective of the Fourth International Melanoma Course in 2022 will include a new criteria-based approach: “Avoiding errors in diagnosis via true cases”, as well as an update of all cutting-edge knowledge on difficult melanocytes lesions relevant to practicing pathologists and clinicians. This 2022 venue will make use of the expertise of the SIRIC (Integrated Cancer Research Site at Institut Curie), updated WHO 4th Edition Classification of Melanocytic Tumours, the International Melanoma Pathology Study Group, and the latest information from the MPATH Melanoma Pathology studies.

The MPATH Melanoma pathology study database and projects

– Online access in advance and review of digitized images from extensively-characterized cases constituting the MPath study set. This unique study set has been reviewed by the MPath Pathology Panel (Prs. Barnhill, Elder, and Piepkorn), and a large diverse group of pathologists.

– The Course will be practical and based on the extensive experienceof the international faculty participating in the Course. The Course will consist of didactic lectures and interactive sessions during the two-day program.

– Some emphasis will be given to predictive biomarkers for targeted, immune and checkpoint inhibitors therapies.

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