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MLSF 2019: Live Case 4 – Complex TAVI – access and implantation

Dr Tchétché, Dr Lopez & Dr Casassus

5 avril 2019 ♦ 9h15 - 10h45

Dr Tchétché, Dr Lopez & Dr Casassus

In the frame of MLSF 2019 we are glad to propose you in live broadcast on incathlab one of all live cases from Arnault Tzanck Institute which will be performed during the event.

Discover Dr Didier Tchétché, Dr Stéphane Lopez & Dr Frédéric Casassus, SH operators, perform a complex TAVI procedure and interact with them!


  • Procedure time: 70 min
  • Exposure time: 20 min
  • Exposure: 275 mGy
  • Contrast volume: 170 ml iode
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