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Right tools for the Left Main: Imaging, Technique, Device selection

4 juin 2020 - 17h30 - 18h30

Right tools for the Left Main: Imaging, Technique, Device selection

Management of Left Main Disease still represents one of the most discussed and challenging treatments in the field of Cardiology. Join us for a unique overview on best in class treatment and learn from some of the top Leaders in this field today.

Sponsored by Boston Scientific

Chair: Adrian Banning 

Speakers: Adrian Banning, Jose Maria De La Torre Hernandez, Luca Testa


Session objectives
Adrian Banning

Case introduction: a patient with a complex left main bifurcation lesion – Discussion
Luca Testa
Q&A Session
Crash course on IVUS guidance for LM PCI – Discussion
Jose Maria de La Torre Hernandez
Q&A Session
Addressing challenges in LM Bifurcation Stenting
Adrian Banning
Q&A Session
Case conclusion – Discussion
Luca Testa
Session wrap-up
Adrian Banning



Educational objectives

  • Learn about the specific challenges faced in Left Main PCI
  • How to use imaging to analyze lesion characteristics to more accurately size and select a landing zone
  • How to use imaging to assess and optimize stent placement
  • How SYNERGY MEGATRON, a new stent designed specifically to treat large proximal vessels, can be best used to treat LM Lesions


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