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Scaffolds back on stage!

19 janvier 2022 - 12h30 - 13h30


This programme is accredited by the European Board for Accreditation in Cardiology (EBAC) for 1 hour of external CME credit. Each participant should claim only those hours of credit that have actually been spent in the educational activity.



The webinar discusses the benefits of the resorbable scaffold technology and how those are addressed by the Resorbable Magnesium Scaffold by reviewing the available data. You will learn more about the optimal patient- and lesion selection but also the current limitations of the current technology. The review of the next generation resorbable magnesium scaffold provides an outlook into the future for scaffolds – back on stage.


The hope of resorbable scaffolds
Prof M. Haude
12:35 Will the Resorbable Magnesium Scaffold proof the concept ?
Prof M. Joner
Panelist discussion
12:52 Is it time to be less restrictive in patient selection ?
Prof J. Bennett
13:02 Less restrictive, but with caution
Prof M. Sabaté
Panelist discussion
The next generation Resorbable Magnesium Scaffold
Prof M. Haude
Closing remarks
Prof M. Haude



  • Learn about the benefits of the resorbable scaffolds technology
  • Review of the available data of the drug eluting Resorbable Magnesium Scaffold (RMS)
  • Learn about the practical aspects on case selection and implantation technique for RMS
  • Learn more about the next generation magnesium scaffold

In compliance with EBAC guidelines, all speakers/chairpersons participating in this programme have disclosed or indicated potencial conflicts of interest which might cause a bias in the presentations. The Organizing Committee/Course Director is responsible for ensuring that all potencial conflicts of interest relevant to the event are declared to the audience prior to the CME activities.

Course Director: Prof. Michael Haude


Supported by an unrestricted grant from Biotronik

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