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School of Rock – #1

Mastering coronary calcified lesions

6 avril 2021 - 13h00 - 14h30


Learning objectives:

  • Review the options for calcium treatment
  • Appreciate the value of IVUS guidance in calcified lesions
  • Discuss tips and tricks for rotational atherectomy and cutting balloon angioplasty




Focus on coronary calcified bifurcations

Live case center:

Hospital Universitario Clínico San Carlos – Madrid, Spain


F. Ribichini

Listening to the ROCK- IVUS assessment of calcified lesions
A. Ladwiniec

Live case – A patient with a complex severely calcified coronary lesion
Operators: Javier Escaned, Nieves Gonzalo

Lessons learned
F. Ribichini



Chair: Flavio Ribichini
Panelist: CAndrew Ladwiniec
Operators: Javier Escaned and Nieves Gonzalo

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