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SIRT in 2022 – What have we learned and where are we heading to

12 septembre 2022 - 18h00 - 19h30


Expert discussion around a HCC clinical case treated with SIR-Spheres® Y-90 resin microspheres at the University hospital of Münster (Germany). The case will be featuring a one-day mapping and treatment, using the Order-Map-Treat programme. We will be looking at all different aspects of the treatment, from the MDT discussion and patient selection to personalized activity calculation and actual treatment.

Dr. med. Michael Köhler, Germany
MD PhD Lars Stegger, Germany
Dr. Irene Bargellini, Italia
Dr Teik Choon See, United Kingdom





Patient Case presentation
  Case-in-the-box : patient evaluation
  Presentation of dosimetry results
  Case-in-the-box : SIRT treatment


Educational objectives

  • To understand the procedural steps of SIRT and how to avoid complications
  • To reinforce the importance of personalized dosimetry in optimizing SIRT
  • To appreciate the specific advantages of SIRT with SIR-Spheres
  • To improve patient selection for SIRT in mCRC and HCC
  • To support the importance of a multidisciplinary team
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