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SmartAssist and Connect Function – Improved Patient Outcome

Impella Case Club

25 août 2022 - 18h00 - 19h06

Impella Case Club

Dr. Fadi Al-Rashid, University Clinic Essen, Germany

Dr. Vasileios Panoulas, Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals, UK
Antonin Couillec, Advanced Impella Trainer, Abiomed Europe GmbH




Welcome and Introduction

Dr. Fadi Al-Rashid
Impella SmartAssist, Adv. Metrics and Connect – Technical Overview
Antonin Couillec
  Clinical Experience from daily practice with Smart Assist – Case based
Dr. Fadi Al-Rashid
  Clinical Practice and benefits of Impella Connect – Case based
Dr. Vasileios Panoulas
  Discussion, Q&A
  Take home messages



This webinar is dedicated to interventional cardiologists interested to learn how to manage with new devices in daily cath lab practice


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