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Swiss CTO Connect

18 mars 2021 - 19 mars 2021

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!!! The dates of this conference have changed from March 2021 to September 2021!!!


Interest in total occlusion procedures are increasing all over the world and numerous expert meetings and courses feature percutaneous interventions for chronic total occlusions. The Swiss CTO Summit will not be just another CTO course, we have a different meeting in mind!

This two-day course will be held in a very interactive and familiar ambiance. The spectrum will cover all topics from reviewing the basics, learning tips & tricks to mastering complex techniques. The second edition of this course will not only focus on CTO-PCI but a more broader spectrum of complex high-risk and indicated PCI (CHIP). Live cases will be performed by renowned national and international experienced operators. Practical lectures, structured case presentations, hands-on tools and fellow and technician workshops are the basis of the course. We are convinced that sharing the broad experience and knowledge of our national and international faculty with the audience will make this course memorable.

The interactive and very educational course includes:

  • 7 Live Cases transmitted from the Kantonsspital St. Gallen
  • International and national faculty
  • State of the art presentations covering all the topics of CTO PCI
  • Structured discussions of recorded cases
  • Fellows and hands-on workshops
  • Industry exhibition
  • Nurse and cardiovascular technician session

The final program will be published in April.

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