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The journey from femoral to distal radial

Episode 2 - The Practice

8 mars 2022 - 17h00 - 18h00

Episode 2 – The Practice

Join the discussion with our experts to exchange about accesses from femoral to distal radial. Clinical evidences, current trends and perspectives.
This program has been built in 2 episodes:

Episode 1: The journey from femoral to distal radial: The Theory
Episode 2: The journey from femoral to distal radial: The Practice


Hours indicated are CET.

Welcome & Introduction

Techniques & Devices: from puncture to hemostasis
  • Puncture steps, anatomy tips & tricks – Dr Gasparini
  • Feasibility & safety performing distal radial with sheathless system – Dr Ungureanu
Strategies to succeed in complex cases
  • How to deal with complex cases with distal radial access – Dr Gasparini
  • Benefits performing complex PCI cases with distal radial – Dr Ungureanu
Conclusions & take-home message


Learning objectives:

  • To discover the main steps and key tips and tricks for successful distal radial access
  • To learn more about the devices that can be used for this approach
  • To understand when distal radial can be most useful by watching a few practical cases
  • To discover the rail-tracking technique and how to succeed in complex PCI with distal radial

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