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The New Frontier of Iliac Stenting

Learning the Fundamentals of a Transradial Approach

10 novembre 2021 - 12h00 - 13h30

Learning the Fundamentals of a Transradial Approach


As devices become available to enable a radial access approach for lower limb interventions and pressure to perform outpatient procedures grows, a transradial practice is increasingly attractive. This session will provide a platform for discussion of the important considerations for iliac stenting via transradial access, from patient selection and access, to reaching the target lesion and effectively managing complications with experts in the field.


Introduction & learning objectives
Massimiliano Di Primio
Case 1: Ostial common iliac stenosis
Paolo Sbarzaglia & Massimiliano Di Primio
12:50 Case 2: Bilateral iliac stenosis
Paolo Sbarzaglia & Eugenio Stabile
Case 3: External iliac occlusion
Paolo Sbarzaglia, Massimiliano Di Primio & Eugenio Stabile
Conclusion and Key learning
Eugenio Stabile



  • Discuss current access approaches for the treatment of peripheral artery disease lesions in the lower limb with the use of a state-of-the-art armamentarium
  • Discuss unmet needs of current tools when treating lower limb through TRA
  • Observe a step-by-step TRA procedure with technical and strategic tips & tricks
  • Learn about the importance of patient selection, quality access puncture and complication management
  • Discuss the potential cost-saving benefits provided by TRA
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