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The Quest for the Holy Grail in Calcium Treatment

Discussing best practices and tools for the treatment of severe calcified coronary lesions.

18 décembre 2019 ♦ 13h00 - 14h30

Discussing best practices and tools for the treatment of severe calcified coronary lesions.

Watch this roundtable if you want to get insights on the role of intravascular imaging in the decision tree algorithms and the place of rotational atherectomy in state-of-the-art PCI.
This session will be broadcasted live from the Boston Scientific Institute for Advancing Science in Paris, France.

Case result:


Introduction and presentation of the Live-in-the-box case – Complex PCI : Severe calcified distal left main stenosis
Discussion of the use of imaging to detect the calcium and to help define treatment strategies
Panel discussion
Discussion of devices available in the treatment of the patient, pros and cons
Panel discussion
Revision of clinical evidence on the use of ROTA on calcified lesions and why ROTA was used in this case
Panel discussion
Focus on stent selection for LM vessel and discussion on stenting technique options for LM bifurcation
Panel discussion
Closing Remarks


Educational Objectives

  • To review the clinical evidence available on intracoronary imaging to improve outcomes in severe calcified lesions
  • To understand the impact of lesion length and the degree of calcification on treatment choice
  • To discuss lesion specific strategies in severely calcified CAD highlighting the role of Rotational atherectomy
  • To learn about stent choice for complex PCI and bifurcation technique options


Target audience

  • This live case is dedicated to interventional cardiologists interested and/or specialized in coronary angioplasty
  • A prerequisite for attendees in an initial knowledge and practice of angioplasty
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