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The role of hemodynamic support in cardiogenic shock:

When to escalate and when to de-escalate

25 octobre 2022 - 18h00 - 19h15

When to escalate and when to de-escalate

Prof. Nicolas Van Mieghem, Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Dr. Tim Balthazar, UZ Brussels, Belgium
Dr. Mathijs Kuiper, Hagaziekenhuis Den Haag, The Netherlands

Dr. Wiktor Kuliczkowski, Szpital Uniwersytecki, Wroclaw, Poland



Welcome and introduction

Prof N. Van Mieghem
Impella® support in cardiogenic shock
Dr. M. Kuiper
  Ecpella to Impella de-escalation
Dr. T. Balthazar
  Mechanical circulatory support escalation: from Impella to HeartMate3
Dr. W. Kuliczkowski
  Closing remark and adjourn



This webinar is dedicated to interventional cardiologists and intensivists interested to learn how to manage with new devices in daily cath lab practice.


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