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What is your treatment strategy for durable outcomes in complex fem-pop lesions ?

A case based discussion

23 juillet 2020 - 17h00 - 18h00

A case based discussion

Join this Incathlab symposium, in collaboration with Medtronic, to learn more about complex fem-pop lesions!

Cleveland, Ohio time: 11am – 12pm
Athens, Greece time: 6pm – 7pm


Educational objectives

  • Highlight role of Vessel Preparation + Anti-restenotic Therapy options for durable results in complex lesions
  • Taped Case demonstration featuring HawkOne™ Directional Atherectomy System and Chocolate™ PTA followed by DCB
  • Highlight Efficacy and Long-term evidence at 5 years with IN.PACT™ Admiral™ DCB


17:00 Introduction on complex Fem-pop lesions
Prof. Zeller

17:10 Case-in-the-box 1: Directional atherectomy plus DCB for multilevel femoropopliteal disease
Panel discussion – Q&A

Case-in-the-box 2: Focale atherectomy in complex SFA occlusion
Panel discussionQ&A

17:50 Conclusion & closing remarks
Panel discussion


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