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When CTO meets Bifurcation: Discover expert insights

Episode 1: Proximal bifurcations

10 mars 2021 - 18h30 - 19h30

Episode 1: Proximal bifurcations

Incidence of bifurcations in CTOs vary from 26,5% to 54,4% according to the recent clinical studies. The purpose of the webinar is to address the challenges of CTO-BIF cases and show how experts tackle such complexities in their own practice.

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Hours indicated are CET.

Dr. Lefèvre
6:35pm CTO in Bifurcation: the proximal cap
Dr. Dens
6:55pm Case in a box: Complex post CABG double bifurcation
Case presentation: Dr. Mashayekhi
7:25pm Conclusion & take home messages
7:30pm End of the webinar  


Learning objectives

  • To emphasize bifurcation presence in CTO practice
  • To identify the must-have toolbox for optimal results
  • To share experiences on antegrade and retrograde lesion approach
  • To explore suitable bifurcation techniques for different lesion locations.


This program is dedicated to interventional cardiologists who are interested to build or enhance their CTO practice.

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