A Sea Change for Event Sustainability


Source : PCMA

Author: Barbara Palmer

Five years ago, a majority of planners weren’t particularly interested in sustainability efforts at special events at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Lately, there’s been a big shift.

John Abrahamson has worked for five years as vice president of sales for Monterey Bay Aquarium, where integrating sustainability into corporate and educational programs is part of his job.

As part of a campaign to rid the aquarium of single-use plastic, virtually all plastic packaging has been eliminated from the café and catering services, as well as the plastic cellophane that once came with linen deliveries. The venue’s catering operations sources eight main agricultural products within 90 miles of Monterey and purchases locally produced wine and beer. More recently, tables without linens have become the default choice for special events, and rechargeable candles have replaced wax candles.

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The Monterey Bay Aquarium became a certified carbon-neutral organization in 2017, offsetting its direct and indirect carbon emissions, including the commutes of staff members and volunteers.

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