Adjusting to the New Normal

Source : Boardroom

Author: Ajay Bhojwani

For IAPCO, Ajay Bhojwani, Managing Director, MCI Middle East, argues that only organizations that are able to adapt to the new world’s order and fast-changing environments will survive.

Since the lockdowns were introduced a year back, irrespective of the city or country in which one lived, much has changed and evolved. New formats of work – from home, flexible hours, and much more – are now the reality and organizations are adapting them to not just deal with the pandemic but also for the long term. It will be crucial for associations to be adaptable and have an agile strategy to survive the economic downturn in order to go back to their original growth plans. This becomes extremely important as we grapple with the new reality where there are far more “unknown-unknowns” than “known-knowns”.

As with many other organizations across all industries, what worked in the past, for a lot of associations, may not work in the future.  Those who can successfully adapt to each new “normal” will dominate, while those that fail to do so will disappear.

Here are some stories from the Middle East as to show how some associations have dealt with the situation and are still thriving and serving their members.

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