How 2 Associations Merged to Build a Successful Cohort

Author: Charlotte Gentry

Charlotte Gentry, Founder and CEO of Pure Events and EVCOM board chair, recalls how the merger of two associations, which was not the obvious thing to do at the time, led in fact to genuine success and long-standing sustainability

Eight years ago, the merger of two separate associations brought live events agencies and corporate film makers together and EVCOM – the events and visual communications association – was created.

At the time, the merger seemed unlikely as the two groups produced different work for different audiences and common ground was not immediately apparent to many within the industry. Yet despite this initial perception, the merger has proved to be a success, now more than ever.

The obvious reasons are that it allowed a wider, more connected, forward-thinking association and inclusive community to emerge. As an umbrella association, EVCOM is able to campaign on, and represent members in, areas which affect members from both the events world and that of corporate film to the same extent, such as diversity and inclusion, sustainability and mental health and well-being.

However, there are greater strengths that have truly come to the fore as a result of the COVID pandemic. The informal role EVCOM has played in bringing the two industries together has encouraged cooperation and collaboration with knowledge sharing resulting in new innovations.

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