What does ChatGPT et al mean for the events industry?

Source : AMI

A consensus is forming around the idea that, much like the invention of the internet, this is a watershed moment for our relationship with technology. Here, Alon Alroy, co-founder of Bizzabo, shares his thoughts on what ChatGPT et al might mean for the events industry…

It’s the biggest revolution since the internet, and the pace at which things are evolving is crazy. Most people do not understand the tectonic shift that is happening, and how it will influence everything we do.

Event professionals are passionate about building memorable experiences, they’re not really excited about writing templates or sending emails. AI has the potential to streamline many of the workflows involved with producing an event, and in terms of event ideation, it can help you produce some very good ideas, very quickly.

AI can free up event planners to focus on more creative tasks while delivering the scalability that lean event teams need.

The good thing is event planners are masters at the art of adaptability, we saw that in the pandemic, they are experts in contingency planning. So, I’m hopeful that in the same way event planners became experts at virtual events, they will become experts in leveraging AI to support their day to day.

Things look a little bit clunky and scary, and the interface is not as user-friendly as it might be, but this is one of the most important times in technology. The earlier you dive in, the better you’re going to be because you’re going to have a personal competitive advantage over your peers.

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