Your Health as a Priority

Source : Boardroom

Author: Remi Deve

If the way we do business events has been profoundly transformed in the last few months, as the corona virus has been spreading all over, the why we do it hasn’t. In this regard, digital technology is all good, but our industry is getting somewhat tired of exclusively online solutions and is more than ready to meet again in person, providing safety requirements are met. Living up to the reputation of a city that offers top expertise and services for international business, Geneva has managed to stand high in everyone’s preference as a destination exactly because it can offer what our sector needs at the moment, safe personal contact.

Known throughout the world as the UN’s European headquarters and the head office of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Geneva every year attracts thousands of people to conferences, conventions and meetings.

Due to its international nature and multicultural tradition, the city offers a privileged location for globalized companies: over 140 multinationals are established in Geneva and around, not to mention 36 international organizations (IOs), over 300 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and 200 diplomatic missions, thereby making Geneva a truly cosmopolitan city.

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