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31 mai 2023

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CTO LIVE AID is a worldwide digital charity event, which aims to raise funds to provide healthcare relief where most needed, while gathering physicians from all over the world for a unique digital learning experience.
Created in 2020 to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic, this event has become a major contributor in digital education for interventional cardiologists, with thousands of participants each year since its creation.
For four years, CTO LIVE AID has allowed physicians and industry partners to strengthen their bonds around a mutual charity effort.

Last year, the conflict in Ukraine created an unprecedented humanitarian situation in Europe, which has already forced millions of people to leave their home, and made millions more vulnerable to shortages of food, energy, medicine, and care in general.
Therefore, since 2022, CTO LIVE AID has been successfully committed to providing emergency medicine and equipment to Ukrainian Hospitals, with a charity donation of over 45,000€.
This year again, 100% of the profits of the congress will be donated to the charity “Support Hospitals in Ukraine”.

The 2023 edition will focus exclusively on CTO-PCI, involving an international faculty of 12 operators and 18 expert panelists, for a 15-hour world tour of live procedures.
We will virtually travel around the world from East Asia to North America, through North Africa and Europe.
6 consecutive time slots will feature 2 simultaneous live cases each commented by 3 panelists, from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm (CET), all broadcast live at

To maintain this charity event, we are organizing a worldwide fundraising campaign – with the support of Humanitas Research Hospital in Milan – and we need all medical Industry actors to support this solidarity initiative based on training, cohesion, and friendship.
This is an interactive and digital event in which operators, commentators, audience and supporting companies will not only be sharing professional experiences with educational purposes, but also raising funds on an international scale, to support a medical and humanitarian NGO, and contribute – at our humble level – to making the world a better place.

This is why we have decided to maintain this initiative.

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