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6 mai 2021

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The CTO LIVE AID against COVID-19 hold in July 2020 has been a real success among the scientific and industrial CTO community, as well as towards the International Red Cross!
We have been able to set up an international live cases marathon and organize strong fundraising campaign for a donation of 80,000€.
Our CTO operators and commentators have been 100% involved into this organization, and more than 3,000 cardiologists and technicians were connected live to watch this performance and interact with their peers.

Up to date, the COVID-19 pandemic is still active and many countries keep struggling with this virus. But the Governments and scientific communities have a better knowledge and experience about this virus and they are doing their best to secure the environments and to set up regulations in order to protect our lives.

Nevertheless, the needs of medical support all over the world remains a vital necessity in 2021. Too many countries and regions don’t have the possibility to propose emergencies care to the patients, to build ICU with latest facilities and equipment, to hire enough healthcare professionals…

Therefore, numerous vulnerable people still don’t have access to essential healthcare services. This is why we have decided to maintain this initiative and alls funds will be donated to Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

And this year, we keep innovating!

As physicians, digital education is part of our lives today, we have decided to extend this program to Bifurcations treatment, additionally to CTO PCI.
This solidarity action is about to involve 26 experts interventional cardiologists in a unique “World Tour”: 10 CTO live cases from 9 international centers and 16 Bifurcation live cases from 16 international centers will be performed in succession over a 16 hour lapse.
Every operator will work in his centre following his standard clinical practice, while broadcasting live through 2 simultaneous players on our website.

We will virtually travel from east to west according to jet-lags, going through East Asia, Middle East, Europe, North and South America.
Cases will be commented live with the goal of providing technical and clinical key messages to a wide international web audience.
To maintain this charity event, we are organizing a worldwide fundraising campaign with the support of Humanitas Research Hospital in Milan and we need all of your support for this solidarity initiative which is based on training, cohesion and friendship.

This is an interactive and digital event in which operators, commentators, audience will not be only sharing professional experiences with educational purposes, but also raising funds on an international scale, to support all the activities of the medical and humanitarian NGO Médecins Sans Frontières, and contribute to our small level to make the world a better place.

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