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ECC 2021

Endovascular Cardiac Complication

18 juin 2021 - 19 juin 2021

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The ECC Course’s main objective is to gather interventional cardiologists from all over the world around a main subject: complications!

Even a virtual edition can’t change that!

This is why we have created 8 international hubs, located in specific regionswhere ECC members mostly come from. Throughout the entire course, ach HubSpot will be in directcontact with our TV set in Lausanne. We believe that interactivityandinternational expertsdiscussions are key for an effective learning.

Each hubspot has:

  • a dedicated slot on our program,
  • a hubspot organizer and its esteemed experts,
  • local complication cases presenters,
  • and/or an expert lecture.

Discover our 8 international hubspots that will expand and strengthen this new edition !

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