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Left Main and Bifurcation treatment:

impact of clinical trials in daily practice

5 juillet 2023 - 18h00 - 19h00

impact of clinical trials in daily practice


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6.00 pm
Welcome and Introduction
Prof. Jens Lassen
Key messages of EBC Main 3Y, EBC TWO 5Y and Rolex 2Y
Prof. David Hildick-Smith
Left Main case requiring one stent
Prof. Jens Lassen
Key messages of CRABBIS study
Prof. Francesco Burzotta
Case of bifurcation lesion treatment with two stenting technique
Prof. Sa'ar Minha
6.50 Key messages of MOBBEM study
Prof. Francesco Burzotta
7.00 pm Discussion and key messages
Prof. Jens Lassen


Educational objectives

A cased-based discussion on the impact on clinical practice of:

  • EBC Main trial at 3 years: the Largest prospective study on left main (LM) PCI with a DES that has a dedicated extra-large stent platform
  • EBC TWO trial at 5 years: A Randomized Comparison of Provisional T-Stenting Versus a Systematic 2 Stent Culotte Strategy in Large Caliber True Bifurcations
  • Rolex Study at 2 years: the First randomised trial based on European Bifurcation Club (EBC) consensus, comparing a provisional to a planned, dual-stent strategy, LM bifurcation PCI
  • MOBBEM study: Configuration of two-stent coronary bifurcation techniques in explanted beating hearts. Cases were performed in the Visible Heart Lab in Minneapolis.
  • CRABBIS Study: The objective of this study is to compare the configuration achieved with POT/KISS/POT (PKP) and POT/SIDE/POT (PSP), using the « cutting edge » high-resolution intracoronary imaging modality (Optical Coherence Tomography, OCT)
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