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Master The Complex #3

Master The Complex - #3 Live Case Series from South East Europe

21 octobre 2021 - 9h20 - 14h00


9:20-9:40: Keynote Lecture – A 2021 state-of-the art on DAPT for patients undergoing PCI

9:40-11:00: Complex PCI Live Case – Left Main and Bifurcation
13:00-14:00: Live-in-a-box case – CTO/Complex PCI
Prof. Davide Capodanno
Dr István Ferenc Édes
Dr Dan Deleanu
Dr Marin Postu
Dr Lucian Predescu


  • Peer-to-peer experience sharing on complex PCI procedures
  • Role of intravascular imaging in calcified lesions
  • Understand the rationale of treatment strategies of experienced operators for LM Bifurcations & Plaque Modification
  • Facilitate networking within the expert community
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