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Realizing the PAD Workflow of the Future

A more efficient and Versatile Approach to Complex Lesions

23 février - 11h00 - 12h30

A more efficient and Versatile Approach to Complex Lesions



  • Introduction
  • CASE-IN-BOX 1: Step by step peroneal recanalization and treatment
  • CASE-IN-BOX 2: Complex multilevel disease treatment
  • CASE-IN-BOX 3: Full revascularization of the first ray of the left foot
  • Q&A and conclusion

Educational objectives

  • Discuss current difficulties and techniques in crossing CTOs
  • Learn how to more efficiently tackle challenging lower limb cases by reducing the amount of time and devices necessary to cross and prepare lesions
  • Highlight the role of optimized angioplasty in achieving the best possible PAD outcomes
  • View recorded lower limb cases utilizing an all-in-one peripheral catheter


This webinar is dedicated to vascular surgeon interested to learn how to manage with new devices in daily cath lab practice.

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