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Strategies and techniques to treat multivessel disease with complex lesions

21 juin 2023 - 16h00 - 17h30

Dr. Johan Bennett, Leuven, Belgium
Case presenters
Dr. Raúl Moreno, Madrid, Spain
Dr. Alfonso Jurado-Román, Madrid, Spain
Dr. Rayyan Hemetsberger, Vienna, Austria


Dr. Johan Bennett
Physiology-guided approach to staged PCI

Dr. Alfonso Jurado-Román & Dr. Johan Bennett
  • 70 yo male
  • Smoker, DM (diagnosis at current admission)
  • Chronic coronary syndrome 2004 (PCI RCA+ stent / Unsuccessful PCI to LCx CTO)
  • Inferior STEMI: pPCI (Xience 3×48 mm at mid RCA)
  • Normal LVEF
  • Hb 15.2, GFR 62 ml/min
  • Residual stenosis at Ramus (mid and ostial)

  Review of BIOVASC trial
Dr. Raúl Moreno
  Imaging-guided bifurcation PCI
Dr. Alfonso Jurado-Román & Dr. Rayyan Hemetsberger

  • 61 yo male
  • Smoker, Diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia
  • Chronic coronary disease: PCI + stent at distal RCA 2016
  • Lateral STEMI: Thrombotic occlussion of diagonal Branch (Xience 2 x 18 mm)
  • Normal LVEF
  • Hb 14.8 g/dl, Cr 0.96 mg/dl

  Review of complex patients and lesions analysis from the randomized BIOFLOW II, IV and V trials
Dr. Rayyan Hemetsberger
  Review of toolbox
Dr. Rayyan Hemetsberger & Dr. Johan Bennett
Dr. Johan Bennett


Educational objectives

  • Learn how to choose the best strategy between immediate and staged PCI in complex MVD patients
  • Learn techniques with modern tools for lesion access in complex bifurcation PCI
  • Discuss the latest outcomes of Orsiro in recent trials: BIOVASC, Hemetsberger trials in complex PCI


This webinar is dedicated to interventional cardiologists interested to learn how to manage with new devices in daily cath lab practice.


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