Learn Online to Get Physical

Source : Boardroom

Author: Sharon Ashton

ESAE member Sharon Ashton, Events Director, EURORDIS-Rare Diseases Europe, shares the tips she learned from online events that associations can apply to in-person events.

To say that associations and the events industry at large have experienced devastating consequences and steep learning curves as a result of the pandemic over the past 16 months is an understatement. As an event management professional working for an international non-profit patient association since 2010, I’ve experienced a multitude of emotions over this past year ranging from fear, sadness, overwhelm, anxiety, stress and exhaustion to excitement, thrill, compassion and awe.

A few of the superpowers of event professionals are their ability to be agile, proactive, and remain calm in the face of adversity. An important element of our work is to awaken possibility in others, whether that be our own teams and associations, partners, sponsors, donors, exhibitors, committees, speakers or participants. We also act as change agents. Starting with the end in mind is vital to producing a successful and impactful event.

The broad scope and benefits of association events can be seen here:

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