The rise and necessity of digital conference organisers

Source : AMI Magazine


As virtual and hybrid events continue to grow in size and frequency, Arinex CEO Nicole Walker sheds some insight on the expert teams who deliver these events: digital conference organisers (DCOs) and answers some common questions…

What is a digital conference organiser? 

A digital conference organiser is a specialised event professional or event team that not only plans but enhances the conference experience through the use of emerging digital technologies. DCOs were born about 18 months ago, in response to the changing requirements for events worldwide and the subsequent rise in virtual or hybrid events. A DCO is now seen as an important component of a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO).

Does every PCO have a DCO team?

In a nutshell, no.

A full-service DCO incorporates a skilled technical team to drive the virtual elements of the event and most PCOs need to partner with another provider to facilitate this. There are many advantages to keeping everything in-house; with one team managing the entire event comes better security, less chance of human error and more efficient and effective communications.

These DCO event managers understand event technology – as well as what it takes to run a successful online event – better than anyone else in the industry.

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